FX market is experiencing high levels of volatility and thinner liquidity due to the current global health and economic crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19. Innovative customer self-service tools and new avenues to increase fee-based income is the order of the day for banks.

Over the years and more so now, banks have been looking at gaining competitive advantage by having a mechanism which would allow them to price spreads faster and quote them in a speedy fashion to their clients. For the end client, the key challenges still remain in terms of availability of liquidity, process efficiency, adequate price transparency and adherence to best execution requirements.

Experience our exclusive webinar, where we introduce you to Intellect’s CBX-FX, an entire FX office at the disposal of the bank’s corporate customer. It aids:

  • The bank to increase the fees from FX business
  • The end customer with a transparent and contextual FX trading experience

With a unique flavour which combines trading and hedging, it empowers the bank and its corporate customers to achieve their respective business goals.


Mr. Subhasish Bhattacharyya
Head – Pre-sales, Capital Markets
Intellect Design Arena Limited

Ms. Preeti Mishra
Head – Marketing, Capital Markets & Treasury
Intellect Design Arena Limited

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