Intellect is the proud winner of the Waters Technology Asia Awards 2020 for Capital Alpha, its enterprise brokerage solution, for best front to back office integration

The Waters Technology Asia Awards 2020 recognize excellence in the deployment and management of financial information and technology within Asia's capital market community as well as providing a unique opportunity for companies across the industry to gain valuable recognition. Intellect’s Capital Alpha has been recognized and awarded under the ‘best front to back office integration’ category at this year’s award ceremony.

Capital Alpha, an integrated front to mid to back office solution provides omni-channel trading experience for the customer through contextual trading backed by research and analytics, ensures compliance through a real time pre and post trade risk management, and increases efficiency of operations through a comprehensive back-office combining clearing & settlements, fees & commissions, corporate actions, reports and interfaces to market entities. Single platform providing access to domestic and cross-border markets with investment options across exchange traded and distributed products.

Business dimensions of trading, distribution, market news and information is provided through an integrated platform covering Order Management, Risk Management, Back-office, Research and Analytics. Omni channel trading equipped with contextual research & analytics, flexible order placements, Direct Market Access facilitating low latency trading with real time reporting and notifications for cash, stock and market rates enrich the front office capabilities. With the advent of online trading risk management cannot be an offline activity, integrated risk management is therefore critical part of the trading ecosystem. Gone are days of stand-alone back-office. An integrated back-office provides leverage to the firm to allow its investors take advantage of online position updates whether it is stock and cash. It is a feature packed product which facilitates the brokerage firms to increase the STP index and improve efficiency. More importantly an integrated back office, allows the investor position to be updated real time as and when corporate actions benefits are received in investor account. This in turn helps investors to take advantage of the market movements better. Another powerful connection of having multi-asset trading capabilities and an integrated back-office is having the investor use the same cash account to trade in multi-asset which enables moving money from trading in any asset and re-ploughing into a different asset quickly.

Business dimensions are supported through robust gateways: FIX Gateway, Settlement Integrator, Market Data, Payment Gateway, Transaction Routers and Co-location Hosting

A prominent brokerage house in Philippines wanted to modernize and revamp their securities trading business and provide online trading for local and international stocks backed by risk management and back office support. It wanted to gain a leadership position by increasing its market share and client footprint.

Capital Alpha was implemented by this brokerage house which helped them to gain prominence in the market and increase their client footprint by 10X in 3 years without any increase in operational staff.

Value delivered-

  • Marketplace model with Equity, IPO, MF along with research and analytics all at one place
  • Real time market data and rapid trading
  • Omni channel trading allowing customers to use same cash accounts across multiple asset classes
  • Increased cash and stock position leverage through front-mid-back office enterprise solution
  • Real time risk management
  • Market ready Philippines Stock Exchange certified providing ready regulatory reporting

Earlier the brokerage house won the "Online Securities Platform of the Year" award at the Asian Banking & Finance Awards, 2019. Capital Alpha helped the firm gain both top line and bottom line improvements. It catapulted their business as one of the leading brokerage houses. This transformation was made possible by providing-

The benefits accruing to the bank’s corporate clients are:

  • Platform economy – Integrated Front-To Mid- to Back office facilitated cost reduction of up to 25%
  • Market Ready-Ready Adapters to Exchanges, Clearing Houses and Depositories cutting down implementation time by 30%
  • Seamless flow-STP index >95% – Remove redundancies in processes and systems
  • Ease- Instant Account Opening, Instant Order Entry, Instant Buying power, Instant cancel/square off with real time MTM – Rapid Trading
  • Minimize risk - Central and real-time risk management and monitoring functions