Intellect Design has been rated as "Emerging Vendor" within the Trade Surveillance & Monitoring Solutions in Aite report for its Brokerage offering – Capital Alpha

The trade surveillance and compliance vendor technology market is large, diverse and still growing. Established market leaders as well as recently founded new entrants are actively striving to provide their customers with the best and most updated tools to achieve the most effective trade monitoring results and the market is highly competitive and fragmented.

As firms increasingly prefer to buy rather than build their surveillance and monitoring technology, and as new customer categories – including buy-side firms, lower tier sell-side firms, and market centres in the emerging and frontier markets continue to become more entrenched in surveillance technology investment, the vendor market is expected to continue growing at a yearly double digit rate for atleast the next three years.

Advancements in next-gen technology are poised to become a key differentiator in the coming years. The differentiators between the best-in-class firms and contenders seem to be in the areas of vendor stability and client diversity. Vendors that have a global footprint and long operating histories also have strong reputations and high client service scores. Despite being a non-profit-generating tool, surveillance technology has become a necessary area of investment to atleast some degree for most financial industry firms.

Aite Group – a leading research and advisory firm focused on delivering comprehensive actionable advice to key market participants, in its evaluation report titled, “Trade Surveillance and Monitoring solutions” has positioned Intellect as an “Emerging Vendor” within the Trade Surveillance space. The report explores some of the key trends within the trade surveillance and monitoring market and discusses ways in which technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges. The report also compares and contrasts the offerings and strategies of the leading vendors and highlights their primary strengths and challenges.

Key Features and Functionalities of Intellect’s Solution highlighted:

  • Surveillance across asset classes—exchange-traded and distributed
  • Trade surveillance with market and compliance monitors for retail and institutional investors
  • Adjustment capability of risk rules, risk limits, exposure rules, and margin rules depending on the investor trading pattern and exposures

Top Three Strategic Product Initiatives over The Last Three Years

  • Integration of order and execution management systems and back-office systems
  • Intelligent data analytics using AI and machine learning, NLP-based chatbot
  • Intelligent FIX monitor

Top Three Strategic Product Initiatives In The Next 12 To 18 Months:

  • Analytics—descriptive analytics and predictive analytics
  • AI and machine learning—integration with trade surveillance, market monitoring, sentiment analysis, and chatbot
  • Application of robotic process automation to manual processes and Decision support based on trading behaviour patterns

Aite Group estimates that trade and market surveillance technology spending has been expanding at an average of 15.5% per year since 2010 and will surpass USD 1 billion by 2021. Intellect with its high stability and enriched product offerings is a force to be reckoned with.