Intellect a major vendor in the order & execution management space in Celent’s report -'The Battle for the Last Mile Of Trading - An OMS/EMS Vendor Spectrum'

Never has it been more crucial to have the right trading technology to drive ease in market access, trading analytics, cost control, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. At a time of extreme of new opportunities, and great pressure, there is a wide spectrum of choices open to firms of all stripes: outsourcing, partnerships, new models for cloud-based and API-based offerings. Regardless of what trading technology infrastructure a firm chooses, connectivity to a network of venues and counterparties is the only way to operate across asset classes, across buy and sell side, and across strategies.

Vendors worldwide are battling to offer more technology across asset classes and client types, with new models for deployment and servicing. The consolidation continues, but robust choices remain that serve the exact needs of different client segments. System rationalization, process optimization, cost cutting, regulation, and increasing client demand have firms ultra-focused on their trading machine and how they engage with markets. Firms are looking to minimize the number of systems by working with a platform that can do a lot, but still integrate smoothly with third party tools. This is even more important in the front office, where keeping up with liquidity and trading in the front office requires specialized tools.

Aite’s report titled – ‘The Battle for the Last Mile of Trading – An OMS/EMS vendor spectrum’ talks about the market structure changes and rapidly increased –automation across products that are driving the need for better searching tools, trading execution, connectivity and analytics. With specific focus on the OMS/EMS space, it also recognizes leading global vendors in the OMS/EMS space and highlights the key strengths of the products they offer.

Proud moment for Intellect

Intellect has been profiled amongst the leading vendors world-wide in the OMS/EMS space for Capital Alpha, its ‘broker-in-a-box’ offering. Intellect stands amongst the likes of Bloomberg, Broadridge, Enfusion, FactSet, Fidelity, FlexTrade, SimCorp and many more.

Celent quotes“Capital Alpha is Intellect’s premium offering in the capital markets space, empowering the brokerage business up the value chain into a full-fledged portfolio management enterprise.” The suite is designed based on SLRI architecture.

The suite is geared toward generating maximum returns from its tailor-made flavors for the following businesses: Delivering low-latency trading, with intelligent algorithms to high-volume traders via Colocation and high-performance exchange gateways. The product also uses AI/ML on top of Big Data to come out with Sentiment Analysis for stocks, sectors, and industry.”

Capital Alpha is the quintessential ‘Broker-in-a-Box’ solution that provides omni-channel trading experience through contextual trading. This is backed by research and analytics. It also ensures compliance through real-time and integrated pre- and post-trade risk management.

Capital Alpha is a single platform that powers customers to increase their client footprint rapidly and improve STP index significantly through speed and by leveraging multi-asset, multi-market trading, risk management and back-office on an integrated platform. In addition, this platform provides real-time and integrated pre and post trade risk management – all backed by in-depth research and analytics of real-time market data.

The shifts in market structure, whether driven by capital constraints, regulation, or technology, drive more needs for performance, data, flexibility, automation, and market engagement in the last mile of trading. The vendor landscape is consolidating across trading technologies and asset classes. There is a fight to own the full suite of trading technology and more. At the same time, vendors are creating advanced designs that leverage new data models, APIs, and the cloud to accelerate insight, connectivity, and agility.