Central Bank of Ethiopia selects Intellect® OneTREASURY to modernize its operations

Integrated solution that handles high transactional volumes and unique transaction mix which are typical of Central Banks

  • Provision of IMF functionality, reconciliation and gold management
  • Complete automation and seamless integration of treasury functions
  • Real-time online risk exposure and Profit/loss monitoring
  • Gold Stock Management with complete refinery process
  • Increased productivity of workforce
  • Scalable and Extensible Architecture
  • Reduced Infrastructure Overheads

The client is the central banking and monetary authority of Ethiopia. Its main objective is to foster monetary stability and create a sound financial system that would be conducive to the balanced growth of the nation’s economy.

In order to improve its competitiveness and to modernize the nation’ banking operations and infrastructure, the client wanted to replace its legacy Treasury Management System to eliminate dependence on manual operations. It required a centralized treasury environment with multidepartmental and multi-desk trading capabilities.

Intellect deployed its central banking treasury solution (using its trademark Smart Build Approach) that centralized the client’ treasury environment and automated various functions and operational requirements eliminating time intensive manual operations. Post implementation exchange rate automation and rates processing could be done directly via a Reuters interface.

Provision of Gold module helped in automation of Gold Stock Management, which is critical for central banking activities. Intellect OneTREASURY provided on-demand liquidity and risk positions which helped the bank’s management to make better funding and liquidity management decisions. Reconciliation activities were also completely automated to improve operational efficiency and eliminate accounting errors.

About iRTM

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