Integrated Treasury and ALM Solution

Treasury has a critical role to play in shaping bank's strategy as the treasurer has to monitor the liquidity exposures, manage balance sheet volatility, maintain the capital buffers and comply to a slew of regulatory requirements, while contributing as a strategic partner to the business.

Disparate systems and silos hamper the growth objective of the treasurer. An integrated treasury & ALM with real-time view of exposures and risk, aiding rapid decisions is the need of the day.

'Capital Cube', an integrated treasury & ALM solution, that aids the treasurer to strategically manage the balance sheet, adapt to regulatory regimes, optimize liquidity and leverage risk to maximize profits for the bank.

Integrated Treasury and ALM Solutions

Capital Cube enables greater strategic planning and execution by bringing together the six key business levers for today’s treasurers which are as follows:

Integrated Front, Mid and Back office with comprehensive asset coverage to mitigate operational, financial and settlement risks and increase operational efficiency.
Identifying potential liquidity gaps early and optimally managing assets and liabilities with corresponding NII (Net Interest Income) and NIM (Net Interest Margin) analysis. Funds Transfer Pricing helps to allocate the margins to products and business segments.
Maintaining capital as per regulatory requirements ensuring optimum buffer for efficient utilization of funds. Helps track and maintain LCR and NSFR at optimal levels by ensuring proper balance of short and long term funding sources.
Real time capabilities to identify and monitor, liquidity and market risk through industry standards and metrics.
Increasing customer engagement index by enabling the bank’s clients to hedge positions for better risk-return outcomes to fuel business growth.
21 key decision support analytics in the areas of pre-deal, sensitivity, risk, balance sheet, P& L etc. providing real-time business insights and highlighting areas requiring management involvement.
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Capital Management Software
Integrated Front Mid Back Office Treasury

Integrated Front, Mid and Back office with comprehensive asset coverage to mitigate operational, financial and settlement risks and increase operational efficiency. What-If’ Analysis & Simulations with real time blotters for position, cash and P&L management lead to informed decision making.

The solution enables automated reporting of branch positions with online updates to Traders ‘positions lead to real-time online positions update with online rate resolution. It is designed on advanced technology and scalable architecture (SOA) for complete automation and high STP of treasury processes providing users with the required risk intelligence through a user focused configurable visualization framework and efficient back office processing through flexible workflow management.
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Asset Liability Management Solution
Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Monitor and optimize liquidity and interest rate exposure over future time horizons.Identify potential liquidity gaps and optimally manage Assets and Liabilities. NII (Net Interest Income) / NIM (Net Interest Margin) computation and analysis including EaR (Earnings at Risk). FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing) Module computes transfer price to assess the segment wise profitability. Holistic view of assets and liabilities, identifies liquidity gaps and impact of interest rates. The solution highlights the true profitability across business and product lines

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Capital Adequacy Solution
Capital Adequacy

Facilitates the banks to monitor regulatory capital requirements ‘On-Demand. Aids banks to ensure that they do not take either excess leverage or under utilize funds. Covers all the BASEL pillars i.e 1. Minimum Capital Requirement, 2. Supervisory Review and 3. Market Discipline. Ensures capital is maintained as per regulatory stipulations thereby mitigating any reputational and financial Risk. Prudential Capital Management enhances operational parameters and shareholders’ value.

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Risk Management Solution
Risk Management

Comprehensive Risk Management covering treasury products across Trading and Banking Book. Comprehensive coverage of Market Risk metrics leading to better control on risks using measurement standards like – Duration, VaR etc by employing both Simple and Complex methods. The solution helps assess, measure and monitor Liquidity & Market Risk bringing about a shift from managing to leveraging risks. It highlights accurate and timely estimation of probable loss for assessing capital requirement in trading book. Efficient framework and real-time capabilities help to identify risk, measure and monitor positions and exposure for optimal leveraging. Rich Stress testing capabilities to protect revenue margins by assessing impact of volatility and market changes through Sensitivity analysis.

Treasury Analytics Software

21 decision supporting analytics covering the following major areas:

  • Pre-deal
  • Growth and Return
  • Sensitivity
  • Attribution
  • Risk
  • Balance Sheet, P/L and Ratios etc.
It enables quick detection of outliers with alerts and notification for timely and corrective action. Prescriptive analytics lead to insightful decision making. The solution facilitates active monitoring and quick response by senior management through early warning mechanism.

Client Servicing - CBX - T

The solution addresses the need for a robust, service-driven application which is easily accessible and user-friendly, with visibly proactive market rates and pricing services. It provides a tool for the bank’s customers to directly interact with the bank treasury thus enabling them to hedge positions for better risk-return outcomes. This helps the treasurer to grow the bank’s business and generate better fee based income without much exposure to capital needs. Increased interaction through omni channel engagement, trading on the go and removing dependency on dealer, increases the customer engagement index many fold.
It supports hedging products like FX Spots, Forwards, Cross Currency Swaps and Money Markets to cater to funding risk like deposits etc. These products can be bundled and structured to cater to currency risk and interest rate risk management.

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Client Servicing Platform

Powered By Real Time Technologies

'2 Click' Technology

'2 Click' Technology

Enables rapid Trade
booking & Position updates

Push Technology

‘Push’ Technology

Facilitates real time updates
and refresh of blotters

E2E Technology

‘E2E’ Technology

Higher STP >96% managing
Total Trade Life Cycle

'XTP' Technology

‘XTP’ Technology

Extreme processing – x5 speed achieved
through in-memory cache processing

'R' Library

‘R’ Library

For statistical modeling and computation of
Real time P&L and risk measures



  • Connecting the dots across risk dimensions
  • One step to enterprise risk visualization with 3s model
  • Active risk monitoring for insightful decision making